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Matt & Fonda

1% Cash back at Closing 

When you retain our services to buy your next home, not only will you receive guidance, expert advice and negotiating power - we'll even share a part of our commission with you. 

Yes, it's that simple. Your cash rebate will be used to either reduce your down payment or closing costs. Ultimately reducing the amount of cash funds needed when it's time for closing, which means more money in your pocket! 

It's Simple Math!

$300,000 Sales Price x 1% = $3,000.00 at Closing  

$500,000 Sales Price x 1% = $5,000.00 at Closing  

$700,000 Sales Price x 1% = $7,000.00 at Closing  

Buyer Rebates must be listed on all closing statements and approved by your lender. Buyer rebates are subject to change and are based upon a typical 3% seller paid commission. Buyer rebates will be reduced if the seller paid commission is reduced. Third Party Referrals (zillow, trulia, please check in with us for our rebate terms. Buyer rebates are not valid on any of our listings and not valid if using our discounted 1% listing fee to sell your current home. 

Ready to Get Started! 

Let us know a few details and we'll get right back to you.

We're looking forward to working with you!

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