About Us

Hi there! We're Matt and Fonda, high school sweethearts who were born and raised in the Capital Region of New York. We began our real estate career together in 1998. In the span of that year, we welcomed the first of our four daughters and purchased our first of many investment properties where we managed, maintained, and improved multi-family homes. Soon after our real estate career began, we took a leap of faith and left our full-time positions as a restaurant manager and home health care manager in order to engulf ourselves in our new found love for real estate!


​When the real estate economy took a downward toll, we found ourselves needing to make a career move. We put our heads together and decided to put our years of experience to good use and start an interior design, painting, and home improvement company. Our company grew to be a reputable one, bringing much success, and is still operating today in New York! At the same time, one of us (Fonda!) joined hands in partnership to run and grow a dance studio that developed to be the largest of its kind in the area.


​As our desire to get back into buying and selling real estate grew, we sought out places to relocate in order to successfully transfer back into our passion. Charlotte was at the top of our radar, and we quickly fell in love with the Queen City's beauty, originality, and people. While exploring all the diverse areas of Charlotte and seeing the continuous growth in the economy, we knew right away that this city would be the perfect place for our family to call home and to carry out our lifetime goals as business partners.


​In our spare time, our family of 6 enjoy the ins and outs of owning horses and managing Bonterra Stables, our Horse Farm located in Bonterra Village, an Equestrian Community in Indian Trail. We're happy to say that we are now fully immersed in our real estate career and get to enjoy the satisfaction of helping you to buy, sell, and accomplish your own goals and pursuits!